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Building Chemistry

By Club Staff, 06/11/20, 6:30PM MDT


Today’s training session started with a rondo progression drill to goal. The main objectives of this drill were to maintain possession of the ball and quickly switch the point of attack. After rondo, the team transitioned into an agility and passing drill that focused on different passing combinations and finishing. To warp up the training session, the team played a 9v9 scrimmage. 


Eben Noverr was part of the back line that maintained a clean sheet throughout the scrimmage. Noverr stated, “This is our second time doing a scrimmage like that so there was massive improvement. I thought our sharpness increased a lot and it was fun to be a part of.” Also a member of this team, Jerry Gutierez stood out in today’s 9v9 scrimmage notching himself a hat trick, helping his team come out on top. 


The Colorado Rush youth teams have been able to step back out on the field to get some training in themselves. This has been an inspiration for both the USL2 team and the youth players. Maddox, from the U10 Colorado Rush team had a question for Noverr at the end training today, he asked, “how is your positioning when the other team is in attack?” Noverr answered, “as a center back, my goal is to push them wide. I try to stay as close to the center of the field as I can and try to make them go wide away from the goal.” We are excited to see this connection build between the youth and USL2 side moving forward.

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