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By Club Staff, 05/20/20, 8:00PM MDT


Soccer balls flying high from gusts of wind, Colorado Rush had yet another great training session. The team is really coming together, starting to mesh and flow as a team. Each training session, each player comes with a great attitude to improve their skills. Individually, players have mental tools to help them work through the heat, tired muscles, and pressures they face. Martin Veys thinks about his family and why he came here to overcome these mental challenges. 

In gym class, when you’re a child, the worst fear was that you were going to be picked last to be on someone’s team. Today, coach Elliot became the underdog who was picked last for a 4v4 small sided game. Being picked last wasn’t going to stop him from showing off his abilities. By scoring and assisting numerous goals he helped his team win the championship game. Coach Elliot won’t take all the credit though, his team had really great off the ball movement to create outstanding plays. Edgar (goalkeeper) also had some amazing saves.

Coach Elliot and his team ended training with a win but everyone was a winner because they worked hard and showed even more improvement in today’s training. The focus of today’s session was agility, passing combinations, and finishing. That wraps up today’s training session with Colorado Rush’s USL2 team! 


Greg Tracey

Martin Veys

Bailey Rouse

Ben Knust

Joe Webb

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