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"It's Getting Hot"

By Club Staff, 05/19/20, 7:30PM MDT


Today hitting 90 degrees in the beautiful state of Colorado, Colorado Rush’s USL2 team were sweating with hard work. After being away from the soccer field for two months, the players are taking time to rebuild their fitness levels. Bailey Rouse can feel the improvement in his fitness from the first training session. He went on to say that his fitness along with others still needs improvement but it is exciting to see it quickly getting better.

The intensity and competition ran high in today’s training session as the team worked on agility, fitness, off the ball movement, and footwork. In an intense 4v4 small sided game, the red team showed impressive teamwork connecting passes and scoring goals, making them victorious. The goalies also had some impressive saves during this game. For example, Ben had an amazing diving save against a hard shot Sami Owusu took.

Wrapping up the training session, we got the chance to talk to a couple players about what they do after a hard training session. Bailey has started to add yoga into his after-training routine and Ben Knust focuses on hydration. That wraps up today’s training session, we look forward to the training sessions to come!  


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